A Mom For All Seasons

Group Coaching & Community Support for Moms

Hey Mom, let me guess. This season has you feeling:

  • ● Overwhelmed
  • ● Anxious and Confused
  • ● Missing Human Connection
  • ● Just so tired of it all

If any of this sounds familiar, you're in the right place.

How Does This Group Help?

  • Provides answers to your questions about balancing your kids' needs and your own (no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-al formulas here)
  • Gives you real life tools (that you can actually use no matter how busy or overworked you are) to help you feel good and your home feel calm
  • There's a Mental Health Pro (and fellow mom) on speed dial. (Or at least speed email and group support!) 
  • You get the camaraderie, support, laughs and sisterhood that can only come from other moms in the trenches with you. 

Really the question should be, how does AMFAS  NOT help?!?

Ok, but  Seriously, what do I get?


We need each other, maybe now more than ever. Two times a month we'll connect via zoom to learn, laugh and support one another through the various challenges we all face. You'll also get 24/7 access to the group through our secure online portal where you can swap stories and learn from one another.


In your inbox every week you'll get a bit of education, a bit of inspiration and practical tools for calming the chaos of parenting. In addition, there will be a live video lesson every week on a new parenting/self-care topic. Each week is recorded so you can watch any time. PLUS free access to any courses in the Reinvention Family collection.

From a Pro

Dr. Cristie Ritz-King has spent years studying child development and maternal mental health. In addition, she's a mom of three teenagers so she's lives this stuff every day. Cristie is a certified health coach, mindfulness and yoga teacher, so she's got all the bases covered for guiding and supporting parents to get out of their own way so they can enjoy the lives they have built for themselves and their kids.


Group support is great but sometimes we want answers or guidance for the question that is specific to our family. You'll get that chance in A Mom for All Seasons. There are "Me Time Spotlight Sessions" which will provide an opportunity to get your unique questions answered by Cristie during the group support sessions. You'll have the opportunity to chat with Cristie in the group portal as well.

The Bottom line is that A Mom for All Seasons is about supporting you. Cristie found through her work with parents that what everyone needed was empowering connection. That comes through information and supportive guidance. She created A Mom for All Seasons because not everyone has the time, finances or even the inclination for weekly therapy but that doesn't mean they aren't wishing they had some way of getting the support and tools that can come from that kind of relationship. So if you're looking for something more you're in the right place.

Do you want help learning  more about why you and your kids behave the way you do? Maybe you want the company of other people in the same boat without fear of judgement. Maybe you are in desperate need of time for yourself to tune in and figure some stuff out. Wherever you are, whatever you need, you may find it in A Mom For All Seasons. We'd love to have you. 

Still Have Questions?

Who will be in the Group?
In short, moms. The group is open to all moms but past experience shows that moms of school aged kids embrace the opportunity most. And don’t worry if your kid is 5 and another group member’s kid is 17. Prior groups have shown that there is great stuff that happens when moms at all different stages get together to share what they have in common. The truth is, we’re all on a journey with this parenthood thing and we each benefit from other women who are on different legs of that journey-those that came before ours and those we’ve yet to meet.

Will the groups be huge?
We cap membership to keep each of our groups small enough for one zoom screen. There is magic in connection and we find connecting happens best when we can all see one another. Keep this in mind when you decide when to sign up. Our groups fill up pretty fast so don’t wait too long to join us.

When will we meet? 
We will have two opportunities to join a live zoom call every other week. We tend to draw folks from all different time zones, so there will be a Tuesday session and a Thursday session-one morning one evening to catch east and west coasters alike. We’ll iron out details when the groups are complete so that we optimize your schedules to participate fully.

What’s a Video Lesson?
Every week I’ll go “live” in our community to present a parenting or self-care concept that we’ll focus on that week. If you can’t make it to the live event then it will be recorded and available to you any time. These lessons may include how to handle our own anger, developmental stages and behaviors, or self-care and meditation. There will be new topics every week that all fit under the umbrella of intentional and positive parenting. You’ll learn to take better care of yourself and your kids.

What is a spotlight session?
No matter how great group support is and how many video lessons I present, I’ve found it is inevitable that someone has a question we don’t get to. Bring in Spotlight Sessions. You’ll get a chance to send your questions to Cristie and we’ll address your specific needs during a group session. So, you’ll get feedback from the mental health expert and the group.

Cristie Ritz-King

Now is a good time to let you know more about me.

I am a Doctor of Psychology with a specialty in trauma and postpartum maternal mental health. In my private practice, I work with new moms managing the huge transition to parenting and seasoned parents learning to navigate the transitions that kids of all ages go through. Before becoming a counselor, I worked as a teacher in public and private schools for 12 years. I even have a Master's Degree in Education, so I know a thing or two about kids and schools. Maybe most important though is that I am a working mom of three teenagers. (Yes, teenagers and yes, I once lived through a year of 3 under 4!) My kids are in three different schools and they have three very different types of needs. So, I am here, in the trenches with you, juggling motherhood, my relationships, career and self-care. I get it. My kids may be closer to college than diapers, but I remember those years and I am still passionate about helping all moms get what they need. 

"Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all."

-Erik Erikson

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